Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Soul Winning WorksThis month we have experienced several special soul-winning moments. A few weeks ago, Missy was visiting with El and Khun Udomluck. They were at a local market inviting people to church when they recognized two girls who had come a few times to church. My wife began to talk to the mother, who was shopping in the market with her daughters, asking her if she had time to come to church on Sunday. The mother shared with the ladies that she worked in a small store every day to help support their family and didn’t have time to come to church. This opened the door for Missy and El to give her the Gospel. The mother stopped them with a smile and said, “I know I am going to Heaven! You showed me from the Bible a few months ago.” (She was pointing at El.) She then said, “My girls love the church and enjoy learning about God. Even though I can’t go on Sundays, I know where I will go when I die.” This was incredible to hear such a clear testimony of a soul won to Christ by a faithful witness.

My wife and I saw 15 souls come to Christ this past month. God has opened doors for us to use what we have learned in our Thai language studies to go out without a translator as we witness and make visits as a family also.

Each Wednesday evening I am teaching our church family from the Foundations of My Faith discipleship series. While visiting with one of our faithful church members, they were excited to show me their discipleship booklet and what they were learning that week on their own. It’s such a blessing to see our people growing in the Lord and excited about God’s Word!

This month we started a Junior Sunday School Department with three new classes. Three of our staff members are the teachers, and my father, Brother Randy Shook, is the superintendent of the department. Exciting things are happening every week, and we are thrilled to be a part of this great work! Please pray as our ministry continues to expand and reach more for His glory. Your prayers and faithful support allow us to do more for Him, and we are thankful for you beyond words!

For Him,

Tim Shook