Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Soul Winning Without a TranslatorOur church had a very special Easter Sunday, as we showed a moving, 15-minute video depicting the life of Jesus ending with His Resurrection. The video was narrated into the Thai language by one of our staff men, Kuhn Singadt, and God used it in a great way. Since many of our church members are relatively new Christians, we felt it was important to give them a better understanding of the life, the suffering, and the victorious Resurrection of Christ. My wife Missy and Miss Shari House gave an Easter lesson to the junior-aged children, and they also had an egg hunt. After the morning services, as always, the church family enjoyed a meal together. It was a special day.

God has given me the opportunity to lead 4 people (2 this last month) to Christ without a translator. This has been a learning process that is ongoing, but we praise the Lord for His guidance as we continue to learn and study the Thai language. Two weeks ago when we were out soul winning, Missy and I went with one of our Thai staff men, Kuhn Pong. We found a house with children playing and several men out working on their fishing nets. We split up and began to witness to the different groups. I talked with a man who was a little older than I, and he told me how he and his family were Christians from Northern Thailand. We invited them to church, but they were only in town visiting family during a holiday. We were able to lead 4 of the children to the Lord and 1 adult man. Before we left, the middle-aged gentleman, who was already a Christian, thanked us for having a church here in the southern part of the country. He said that there are so many churches up north, but just south of Bangkok, they become few and far between. He promised to pray for our ministry, and what a blessing that was to hear!

The harvest is white! We pray for God to keep churches in America strong and that He will increase your vision to reach the world through your foreign missionaries. Your support matters; it is what allows us to stay, spread the Gospel, and disciple our converts. Thank you!