Tim Shook Prayer Letter: Rejoicing in the Growth of New Converts“Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

I rejoice to report that I have made it back home to Thailand, and out of quarantine, COVID-free. Thank you for your prayers and extra support during my visit to the States. I had almost three weeks to help my siblings with my father’s health/recovery care. I would appreciate your continued prayers for my father as he takes many different steps toward a slow recovery.

As I was away, the church staff and team families stepped into extra work and stayed faithful in running church services, soul-winning meetings, staff meetings, and other responsibilities. What a joy it is to serve together with a great team of Christian laborers who love the work of God.

It was nothing short of a miracle in getting back into Thailand with all of the COVID-19 regulations and requirements. Just now, we are seeing a large influx in new COVID cases, and the government is considering a full lockdown of our province and several other provinces that have been greatly affected. I just made it back into the country with two weeks to spare.

I specifically want to thank those who gave toward the expenses of my trip. We could not have foreseen the many different costs in plane tickets, COVID tests, legal paperwork, quarantine hotel room . . . and the list goes on. Your giving made it possible for me to visit my parents at this very crucial time in their lives. Thank you!!

While I was away, the church had a large soul-winning effort in the city of Phetchaburi. This city is about one hour from our church. We have about a dozen church members who live in this city and faithfully attend our church every week. The group spent several hours soul winning and saw over 60 people saved, with folks interested in attending church as well. Our hope and prayer is to start a church in this city in the near future. Please pray with us as we prepare and work toward that.

We rejoice in the growth of the newer converts in our church and pray for their faith to be strengthened. Model has continued to go visiting and soul winning with Missy and is faithful to all the church services. It is such a privilege to invest in her life, and our prayer is that Model will be used to reach her family for Christ.

God greatly blessed in giving us several great Sundays until this recent COVID wave. Just two days after my quarantine release, we celebrated Resurrection Sunday at IBCHH. We had special music, shared a video production of the Crucifixion from John’s perspective, and had an Easter egg hunt for the children after the service. There is nothing more exciting than seeing new believers grow in the knowledge of our great Saviour.

Please pray for our ministries as we follow the government guidelines during this possible shutdown, but please pray also that our outreach efforts will be used to spread the Gospel further to reach more for Him. We will continue to have church services online as well.

It is our greatest privilege to work for the Lord here. We trust God to use our efforts toward heavenly rewards for years to come. Your prayers and faithful support help make it possible.

Your missionary,

Tim Shook & Family