Tim Shook Prayer Letter: New Land and Many BlessingsPUBLIC SCHOOL PROGRAMS

God once again did a miraculous work this year through our Christmas Public School Ministry. We were able to present the Christmas story to 10 different schools. These schools were in the surrounding area where our new church property is located. We were welcomed into each school, and many heard the Gospel for the first time. We also had several invitations to come teach English in the future. Just over 2,000 people (students and staff together) heard the truth about eternity and made a public profession of their faith. After the program at one of the schools, a teacher stood up to talk with the students. He was holding the John and Romans we had just given him. He took the book and said, “You won’t know what is inside this unless you take the time to open it and read if for yourselves.” It is always amazing to see hearts open to the truth. We are praying for these seeds of the Gospel to take root, as we plan to return to those areas and make visits in the near future.


Our church Christmas Sunday is always a joy. This year we had a little over 250 in attendance. Some folks invited family and friends to attend also. We hired a group to bring in pigs to roast and to prepare som tam, a traditional spicy Thai salad. Our church cook, Pi Dah, also prepared cashew chicken and a variety of fruit. We enjoyed the food and fellowship together, and we presented the Christmas drama and the story of Jesus’ birth during the last service. Each teen and adult received a comforter, and the smaller children received toys and various gifts. We praise the Lord for the freedom to celebrate the birth of our Lord in this way every year.


Probably the biggest news in these past 11 years of being on the mission field is that our team was able to purchase land!!! We started our Land Fund in January of 2017. Folks began to give faithfully from the start of 2017 until now. Our family took a 12-week furlough in 2017 to present our vision and need for land. God blessed that furlough, and several of our supporting churches gave to the amount of $30,000 total. As our team and church continued to give faithfully, the Lord began to open doors in 2019 for a particular plot of land. The team and ministry set up a fundraiser page and contacted all of our friends and supporters, encouraging them to have a part. We are humbled by the sacrificial giving of so many. When we received the news from our sending church, First Baptist Church, of the total amount that had been donated, it was just a few thousand dollars short of the needed funds. God supplied the remaining funds a few days later. On December 16, 2019, Brother Sakrapee and I went to the Land Office and purchased the land for our team and ministries. We cannot express our truest gratitude to every individual who has given, but we are eternally thankful for the family of God. Thank you for your part in giving to the ministries here in Hua Hin, Thailand. Our vision for the future is great, and there is much work to be done. We value your prayers!


We have enjoyed having Missy’s parents here to visit. This has been the first time they have been able to be with us during the Christmas season and for our children’s birthdays. We took a short holiday to Northern Thailand to the city of Chiang Mai and enjoyed the beautiful mountains and the time away together as a family. We are thankful for this time to make more memories and to share more of our ministry and everyday life with our parents.
We also enjoyed having Missy’s good friend, Andrea Watters, visit for a few weeks in December. Andrea had the opportunity to attend the Christmas public school programs with us and help in different areas. It was a busy time but wonderful to share Thailand with a dear friend.


There are many opportunities to share the Gospel with people. Most are willing to accept a Gospel tract, and many are ready to listen and receive. I had the privilege to witness to a man who was working at a rest stop. He was sitting down, taking a break, and took the time to listen as I explained the Gospel. He had heard of Jesus and knew of a church in his home area, but he did not know Jesus as his personal Savior. He gladly kept the tract after I had given the plan of salvation. There are many like this man who are willing to listen and who are seeking. Please pray as we continue to obey the Lord’s command to go, tell, and teach.

Your friend and missionary to Thailand,

Tim Shook