Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Karen ChurchThis month was a busy and encouraging month for our family! We have been back on the field for six months, and the Lord has continued to shower us with blessings as we serve Him alongside the team.

Shook1Missy and I personally saw 12 people accept Jesus as their Saviour this month. Two weeks ago my wife met Phone and Poy, two teen girls who live with their grandmother. They were sitting on their porch one evening when Missy and Joom started sharing the Gospel with them. All three accepted God’s free gift of salvation, and the girls are very interested in coming to visit our church. Please pray for them!

Shook2I would like you to meet Wave. Wave is nine years old and was won to the Lord, as well as her mother, by my wife in October. Her mom sells fried bananas from a little food stand on the side of the road and works hard to provide a good life for Wave and her little brother. Wave came to church for the first time three days after she got saved and hasn’t missed a Sunday since. She has come for nine weeks now, and just last week she brought her brother to church also. We are burdened for the spiritual growth of these young ones, as they are the hope of Thailand.

A few Sundays ago, I had the opportunity to visit and attend a service at a Karen church about an hour away from our church. Kuhn Pong (one of our Thai staff men) and I were able to visit with the pastor and his church members and see how they conduct their regular Sunday evening service. This was helpful as we prepare to start our Karen church after the New Year. Would you pray that God will bless this endeavor, prepare hearts, and strengthen those who will be teaching and preaching for His glory?

As Thanksgiving has come and gone, we are very grateful for each person and church that gives faithfully each month so that we can accomplish the Lord’s work here in Thailand!

For Him,

Tim Shook