Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  It's About the Gospel!“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” (Romans 1:16)

I believe, aside from trying to cause conflict and disunity amongst other Christians in the faith, the Devil is actively working to discourage believers to stop soul winning. We are blessed to live on a foreign field where we can freely give the hope of the Gospel to anyone we meet. Our team and staff make time several times every week, both collectively and individually, to go out soul winning. A few weeks ago, I was with one of our staff men, Pi Sangad, visiting in a new area not far from our church. We went to an apartment where three young men, all 19 years old, lived. They had just gotten off work and took the time to talk with us. As we told them the story of God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross so that we could have a home in Heaven, all three men listened intently. They all prayed and trusted Jesus as their Saviour.

Another Story: Missy stopped to visit our faithful member, Khun Yai Maeow. Her husband had been in the hospital, and Missy wanted to see how things were going. When she arrived at Khun Yai’s house, she saw another lady sitting on the porch as well. After introducing Missy to her neighbor, Geem Lie, Khun Yai said, “Missy, give her the Gospel!” Missy talked with Geem Lie and listened as she shared her story. Geem Lie told Missy that she lived with her daughter and son-in-law; she was in her mid-seventies and could not walk well. She had many health issues, but because of neglect and family problems, her family did not take care of her as they should. She was not able to leave her house often, but when her family did leave, she could sometimes sneak away and visit her neighbor, Khun Yai. Geem Lie teared up when Missy asked her if she wanted to know how she could go to Heaven when she died. She said, “I have a friend who knows Jesus, and she has told me about her church. Many times, she has invited me, but since I am unable to travel, I have never gone to church.” Missy was able to show her, from Scripture, how she could know she would go to Heaven when she died. Khun Yai jumped in here and there to encouraged and testify of her experience as a believer. Geem Lie prayed and trusted Jesus as her Lord and Saviour that afternoon. Before she went home, she looked at Missy and said, “Now, I don’t have to be afraid of the pain and sadness I may face here on earth because I know that one day I will be in Heaven with Jesus.” What I found sad about this situation, in the midst of great victory, was that her friend had never shared the hope of the Gospel with her. Even though Geem Lie may never step foot into a church, she will still get to spend eternity with the Saviour. May we use this story as a challenge never to be ashamed of the Gospel!

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Sunday. As we do every year, we gave free 8X10 portraits for every married couple that came on that day and a free chocolate bar. We also had a contest. Any church member who brought a first-time, visiting couple would get to have lunch, the following Sunday, at a special restaurant with our Thai pastor, his family, and me. Several church members brought visitors, and we had a great time enjoying a meal together the next week. There were at least 29 couples that had their pictures taken together (some folks decided they liked the way they looked in last year’s picture). We also had some of the children and other members get in on the fun of the pictures. It was a wonderful day.

The Lord allowed Missy and me, along with seven members of our staff and team, to travel to Lamphun (in Northern Thailand near the city of Chiang Mai) to help fellow missionary friends get their new building ready for their opening Sunday. God gave safety as we traveled and blessed with more than 40 souls saved while out soul winning. We had a great time passing out invitation fliers and working together to help another Gospel-preaching ministry. Mack, one of the men whom Brother Sakrapee and I met and led to the Lord while we were in Lamphun, attended our friend’s church this past Sunday. Mack also told them he would come back the next week! Please pray for this new convert as he finds a place in his church and grows in the Lord.

What a joy it is to serve the Lord! Thank you for your prayers and faithful support as we continue to do what He has called us to do.

Tim Shook