Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  How Will They Hear?Happy New Year! As I think about all the Lord has taken our family through and what He has allowed us to do this past year, I’m humbled at His grace and mercy. I am also excited to see how His plan will unfold for us, and our ministry, in 2015.

Soul winning in Thailand is a constant encouragement, as the people never seem to tire of the Good News we have to share. Missy’s parents were able to come for a 2½-week visit. One evening while out soul winning, they were able to witness in the courtyard of a local public school. Their group saw 21 young people come to know Christ. That was one of the highlights of her parent’s visit.

On a different occasion, I was out visiting with my wife and El, one of our translators, in a small village. Missy and El were talking at length with a young college-aged girl. I decided to walk to the next house. Dtheem, a middle-aged man, answered the door. We talked for a while, and then I was able to give him the Gospel. Dtheem bowed his head and asked Jesus to save him. I was praising God for Dtheem’s salvation and for the opportunity to lead my first soul to Christ in the Thai language without a translator. I say this often, but it is very true; we still have a long way to go in our Thai language studies. Will you please pray for us as we continue to learn and study? We long to be fluent so that we can further our training and influence.

One day we were driving home when we saw a man cooking a whole pig on a grill in front of his house. My father-in-law asked Missy if she would be willing to get a picture of him. Missy got out of the car and began talking with him after she took his picture. When she handed him a tract and invited him to church, his face lit up. He told her in Thai that he was a Christian and that several other families around his house were Christians also. Then he lowered his voice and told her that they were very careful how much they spoke about their beliefs. He said that a small group of them attended a Charismatic church in town, but he said that he was interested in visiting our church. I have no doubt there are many people like this man who have been saved but have had no scriptural teaching or training. This interaction made me aware, once again, how important it is to stop our daily routines, get out of our comfort zones, and make sure we interact with others on a daily basis. How will they hear? How will they know? How will they ever find the truth if we don’t go?

We are grateful for your prayers and your faithful support! Your sacrifice of faith allows us to go where God has called us. Will you please pray with us for more laborers?

May the Lord give you an exciting New Year in your vision to reach your Jerusalem . . . and the uttermost parts of the world.

For Him,

Tim Shook