Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Grateful for God's FaithfulnessWe rejoice in all that the Lord has done for our family and the ministries here this last year. October and November were no exception.

This year and last for our annual Bible English Camp, we have been able to use a scout-camp facility, which allows for different rooms and space for our various classes, craft sessions, opening assembly, preaching time, and lunch. This year we had a little over 60 campers in attendance, and many of our church and staff volunteered their time to help teach and serve for the three days of camp. The Gospel was given clearly, and several of the campers trusted Jesus as their Saviour. The certificates and awards were given the following Sunday afternoon. The campers invited their parents and other family members and friends to attend. Many came to see their children receive their awards who would not have typically come to a church service.

While visiting and passing out fliers for Bible English Camp, Missy met a lady who lives in the same village and street as one of our church staff ladies, Pi Dah. When Missy told the lady about the camp and then about our church, the lady’s eyes lit up. She said, “Oh, I know about your church. My neighbor down this street, Pi Dah, goes to that church. I know it is a good place because she is an honest and kind lady. She is always so happy, and she often invites me to go to church with her.” She sent her fifth- and sixth-grade son and daughter to Bible English Camp and has since allowed the children to attend church on Sundays. What a blessing to hear how God is using the staff and church members to be a light for Him.

Missy and I make it a priority to visit church members together, and also with Mark and Lauren, several times a week. This is a special time for us, as we have the chance to get to know the people we get to serve on a more personal level. One evening we went to visit several Karen families who faithfully attend our church. They live and work on the property of a Buddhist temple. These families work as groundskeepers and gardeners of the property. They are some of the happiest people you will meet with such joy in their hearts for the Lord. We had a sweet time of fellowship, and I gave a short Bible study on the faithfulness of God. Our friends and staff members, Pi Pong and Pi Dah (who speak Karen also), went with us that evening, and Pi Pong was able to translate the Bible study from my Thai into Karen. It was precious to hear them sing a couple hymns while two of the men played their guitars. It’s a joy to see these dear believers praise the Lord no matter their status or situation in life. While we strive to be a servant for Him and encouragement on this journey, they in turn challenge and bless us.

We had two special Sundays in November: Carnival Sunday and Cookout Sunday. We had ice cream, carnival games, and fun things for everyone in attendance on Carnival Sunday. Then on Cookout Sunday, we grilled hot dogs and had homemade slaw and chips as a special lunch. These days brought first-time visitors, and it gave them the opportunity to fellowship with our church members and hear about the Lord.

Please be in prayer for our upcoming public-school Christmas programs in December. We will be in 7 different schools in the surrounding area of our church. All of these schools are new on our list, and each will have at least 3 students in attendance. Our staff and team will perform the Christmas drama, teach English vocabulary about the Christmas Story, and play a game with the students. Then the true meaning of Christmas and a clear Gospel presentation will be given. This is a tremendous opportunity for HIS story to be given.

Also, we would appreciate your prayers, as we are selling our house in the States. This house was the home we lived in just before moving to Thailand, almost 11 years ago. The past 11 years, out of necessity, we have had to rent the house out. Miraculously, the Lord provided a wonderful house manager, and the house only went through two tenants. Through recent circumstances, we have decided to finally sell the house. Please pray that the house will sell in a timely manner.

We marvel at the Lord’s mercies as we live and serve here on the field. He has never failed us. He has never forsaken us. And He continues to bring souls to the saving knowledge of His grace as we go, tell, baptize, and teach.

Tim Shook