Tim Shook Prayer Letter: Exciting Months for Our Team and MinistryNovember and December are always very exciting months for our team and ministry. November was a busy month, as we prepared to have our Building-Fund Commitment Sunday, with Dr. Bob Bowen as our guest, and our preparation for the Christmas public- school programs.

Dr. Bowen brought a great day of preaching as he taught, in depth, on the importance of being obedient to God in tithing and giving above the tithe to further the work of the Lord. A large thermometer was made to hang on the wall of the auditorium to show our giving progress, and commitment cards were given to each member. The cards will be collected at the beginning of January. Please pray that our people will see the need to be personally invested in their church and future church building.

In December, God allowed our team to be in six public schools to present the Christmas story. As the program goes, we play a game, teach an English lesson using some words about Christmas and its true meaning, perform a short, narrated drama showing the birth of Jesus, and then give the Gospel. We had hundreds of children profess that they trusted in Jesus to be their Saviour after they heard the Gospel. It is such a privilege to have this opportunity each year! Every school administrator expressed how happy they were to have us come, and each personally invited us to come back again. The door is open here in Thailand, and we are praying for continued opportunities to spread the Good News.

Lauren met our neighbor’s daughter Pen a few months back. Pen speaks very good English, and this has given Lauren the chance to get to know her better. Just a few weeks ago, Lauren talked with Pen and her cousin Fa about the Lord. Fa told her that she had already gotten saved at her school when our church group was there for the Christmas program, but Pen wanted to know more about Heaven. Lauren led Pen to the Lord that day. It was a very exciting day, because it was Lauren’s first time to lead a person to Christ! Pen and Fa have come to church for two weeks since their salvation. How exciting to know that the Lord is blessing our efforts at the public schools and that there is fruit that remains! Would you pray that these girls grow in the Lord and that they will be able to reach their families for the Lord also?

I had the opportunity to lead 11 people to the Lord in the months of November and December.

My wife and I are nearing our third year here in Hua Hin and our ninth year as missionaries in Thailand. God has been so gracious, ever faithful, and we look forward to a new year to serve Him, so much the more as we see the day approaching!

Thank you for your faithful support and prayers and for the several churches that have sacrificially given us extra during this Christmas season. May the Lord give you a Merry Christmas and a very blessed New Year.

Tim Shook and Family