Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Divine AppointmentsJuly was another busy, yet exciting, month. The church and team had a special Sunday, July 6, to honor and thank the Bosje family for their work and investment here in Thailand. Many people were in attendance as they came to give gifts and say goodbye. It was an emotional and precious service. They are and will be missed by all!

We have had souls saved each week and new visitors throughout the month, and it’s exciting to see our faithful church and team members involved in reaching others for the Lord. One of our Thai staff men, Khun Signat, met a family (an adult lady, a grandpa, an adult man, and a baby) while out soul winning and invited them to church. The family came on the song tau the next Sunday! The lady was sweetly saved after the morning service. This family enjoyed their visit and assured us all that they would be coming back.

Scott and Kristi Mercer also had a lady, Khun Yo, come to church whom they had met and led to Christ while out visiting one evening. Khun Yo listened intently during the service. After the invitation, she decided to follow the Lord in baptism. Our team is blessed to work with such hardworking, faithful Christians!

I believe in divine appointments. With God there are no accidental meetings or lucky blessings. Missy had one of these divine meetings a few weeks ago. Our son Mark had been sick for several days, and his symptoms would not subside. My wife took him to the hospital where the doctor ordered some tests and an x-ray for him. As Missy and Mark waited in the lobby for the test results, they met a lady named Kat, who was volunteering her time at the hospital. After chatting for some time, Missy came to know that Kat, a 70-year-old American woman, had been through many hurts and trials in her life. Underneath her smile and candid mannerisms was a scarred and wounded lady. Missy told Kat about our ministry here in Thailand and invited her to church. Kat’s face hardened almost immediately after hearing the word church, but she gladly took Missy’s phone number and said that she would call.

A week later, much to my wife’s surprise, Kat did call. She has come to church for three weeks now, both on Sundays and Wednesdays. After the service last Sunday, she told Missy these words, “No offense, but your husband is wise enough to preach with such love and just enough fervor that those hearing the Bible taught can feel loved and convicted. Thank you for inviting me to your church the day we met. I have been missing ‘something’ in my life, and I now know what that was.” Please pray that Kat will understand her need for salvation and that she will see God’s love in us. Remember, every day God has divine appointments prepared for us, and we must be ready. I’m thankful that during a stressful time, my wife was looking and ready for God to use her.

We covet your prayers and faithful support! God is good, and we pray that He continues to bless and add to the church.

For Him,

Tim Shook