Tim Shook Prayer Letter:  Back to the FieldDear Praying Friends,

Our April schedule consisted of just a few meetings, with two more churches voting to take us on for support. Our last out-of-town meeting will be this weekend, May 4.

Our deputation journey is coming to a close, and we are grateful for God’s grace these past two years. We have met many incredible Christians who have a real vision and burden to reach the world for Christ. It has been our privilege to have been in over 150 independent Baptist churches where the King James Bible is being preached and souls are being reached for eternity. We have been encouraged to see so many believers excited about the Lord’s work.

As we have lived in Nebraska with my wife’s parents, we have had the chance to meet some of their neighbors. Tracy, the lady who lives across the street, has taken to our family. Through many conversations she has learned that we are missionaries. On several occasions she has brought over gifts and treats for the kids, thanking us for sharing our faith with those who don’t know. Just the other day, Missy had the opportunity to witness to Tracy at length. She is a professing Catholic but has an evident love for the Lord. Please pray that she will accept Christ as her Saviour soon. So many people are hungry for friendship, for a kind word, and to have contact with someone who will show them love. They need to see someone whose light shines bright for the Lord. So little time, the harvest will be ended . . . only what is done for Christ will last.

I am writing this letter on May 2, 2014, just two weeks and three days from our departure to Thailand. We fly out of Omaha, Nebraska, on the evening of May 20. Lord willing, we will arrive in Bangkok on Thursday morning, May 22. We are praying for a safe flight, to find a house to rent within the first week or so, for a smooth transition of team leadership, and for our boxes to arrive on time and damage-free.

Our boxes were picked up last week and will be shipped out in a week or so. We have a few bags packed for Thailand, and we will be finishing the rest of our packing when we return from our meeting this weekend. Please keep us in your prayers as we pack up and say “goodbye” to family and friends.

Thank you for partnering with us through monetary support, prayer, and love. We have prayed and dreamed of our return, and now it is upon us. Thank you for making our calling and dream a reality! Lord willing, our next prayer letter will be sent from Thailand.

For His glory,
Tim Shook