Tim Shook Prayer Letter: A Thai Christian From CanadaMeet Naiyana, pictured below with Lauren. She lives in the house across the street from us. She was born and raised in Thailand and moved to live in Canada when she was in her 20s. Naiyana owns the house in our neighborhood and has used it as a rental property for many years. Each year she comes to Thailand to check on her rental homes but only stays a short time. This year she decided to stay a little longer to work out details regarding her property. One day Lauren was walking our dog. As she passed by Naiyana’s house, Naiyana’s dog ran out into the road to meet Lauren. This allowed Lauren to meet our neighbor, and the two began to talk. Naiyana asked Lauren how long we had lived in Thailand and what were we doing here. Lauren told her that we were missionaries and that her dad was a pastor here in Hua Hin. Naiyana was so excited! She shared with Lauren that she was a born-again Christian and was praying for a church to attend in the area while she was in town. I was able to give her a tract from our church and invite her to our church. She called me on Saturday evening and asked if she could ride with Missy to church the next day. She has come to every service and has joined us for our church-wide soul winning also. Just last week she led a young man to Christ and is a light for Him everywhere she goes. She has an incredible salvation testimony and is excited about how the Lord will use her during her stay in Hua Hin.

While making church visits with our newest staff member Star, I had the opportunity to talk with one of our most faithful Burmese church members, Mayanmin. I have talked about this young man several times in our past prayer letters. He has a heart for the Lord and a great desire to see God do something with the Burmese people who are here in Thailand.

God has opened the door for our church to start a Burmese Sunday school class. Through the help of Star translating in to Burmese, I talked with Mayanmin about my burden to reach the Burmese people here and to have a service in their language. I asked him if he would pray about becoming the Sunday school teacher for our new Burmese class. He didn’t hesitate or blink an eye, but instead he emphatically answered, “Yes,” with the biggest grin on his face. Before we left his house that night, I asked Mayamin to pray for God to bless this new class and the people who would be reached. As he began to pray, tears flowed down his face, and he thanked God for loving his people.

Please pray for this new class that will be starting in August. Pray that Mayamin will allow God to work and use him in a mighty way.

My wife and I have enjoyed making visits to our church folks each week. This time is special and allows us to get to know them even better. One night Missy made visits with Mark, Lauren, and two of our Thai staff ladies, Pi Dah and Pi Joom. One of the areas they visited was where some of our members are who work at a local dumpsite. One lady, Pinong, who has been coming for over two years, lives at the dump. She shared with Missy how each day their struggles are so great, but since she has become a born-again believer, God has shown Himself so faithful and real to her and her family. As she was talking, tears ran her down her face, and she said, “I don’t know what took me so long to trust Jesus!” Pinong had come for well over a year before she put her trust in Jesus as her Saviour.
We are truly blessed to serve such amazing Christians!

Missy and I led 8 people to the Lord this month, and God has blessed with baptisms each Sunday too. We are thankful for your faithful support and prayers! We trust each prayer letter update is an encouragement to you.

Tim and Missy Shook and Family