Tim and Missy Shook Prayer Letter: Taking the Gospel Wherever You Go“And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!” (Romans 10:15)

We rejoice to report that we have been back to meeting in person for Sunday services for two weeks. As the government has continued to keep the country under an emergency decree—there are still regulations regarding gatherings, we opened back up with two separate Sunday services. Our folks were excited to be reunited as a church family, and there were many hugs given and tears shed that first Sunday. We will continue to have online services for our Wednesday Bible study until the regulations are lifted. It was a joy to see our regular folks return and also meet new visitors who had either heard of our church through our Facebook page or from a member/friend.

The first Sunday back, Miss Shari sang the beautiful hymn, “Safe in the Arms of Jesus,” for the special. Missy was sitting by Beam, the granddaughter of one of our church members. As Miss Shari was singing, Missy reached back to squeeze Beam’s hand. As she looked at the little girl’s face, there were tears in her eyes. Beam exclaimed, “I’m crying because I just love Jesus SO much!” What a sweet testimony of God’s grace, as our people have been through many difficulties, especially during this time. It has been comforting to see God working through these trials to show Himself faithful. We have seen their faith and love in Him growing by leaps and bounds.

A few weeks ago, Missy and Lauren had a couple skirts made at a local shop. The Lord opened the door for Missy to share the Gospel with the shop owner, his wife, and his sister-in-law. As many others, these folks have seen tough times recently, and they were sharing their experiences from the past year. God gave Missy a window of time where there were no other customers, and all three workers were in the shop. As Missy shared with them the hope of salvation and having eternal joy in Jesus despite this world’s hopelessness, one of the lady’s eyes filled with tears. They did not accept Jesus that day, but the seed was planted. Please pray as we go back and visit this family. It would be wonderful to see them put their trust in our amazing Saviour.

Our team and staff will be starting a city-/region-wide tract canvassing program this month. The goal is to get a packet (included in the packet will be a John & Romans, a church Gospel tract, and an invitation card) to every home in the city of Hua Hin. The long-term goal will be to expand this ministry into the bordering cities north and south of us, and then we hope to continue further as the Lord leads. We will be going in groups and keeping detailed records for callback visits. Each group will go out on Tuesdays and then revisit that area the following Thursday to do concentrated soul winning. We are praying for this effort to reach many souls for Christ and lead them to become faithful followers and disciples of Him.

We will be starting the Phetchaburi home church services again in the next few weeks. Pi Siinuan, one of our faithful members, hosts the services in her home in the city of Phetchaburi, which is just an hour north of us. There are believers there who come each week to church and others who would be faithful attendees if there were a church in that city. We are praying for God to allow us to open the next church plant there.

Last Sunday after church, Missy was talking with Pi Nim, who is another sweet member who has come faithfully for several years. She had brought two friends from her neighborhood to church. She shared with Missy that she had led them to the Lord a little while ago and that she was so excited to have them come to church. When Missy thanked her for inviting them, she said, “God is doing the work.” She opened her purse to show Missy a pouch that held John & Romans and church tracts. She patted the pouch and said, “I take the Gospel everywhere I go. God brings the blessings!” Before Pi Nim became a believer, she was steeped in fear of demonic influences. Her own son was demon-possessed for years and years. After she came to Christ, Bro. Sakrapee and I were able to lead her son to Christ, and God broke the chains of possession from Nut’s life. Pi Nim has grown in the Lord these past few years and has become one of our most faithful prayer warriors and an unabashed and fervent soul winner! “. . . How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”

We most certainly value your prayers and support! May God bless you abundantly for your sacrifice and investment in our ministry.

For Him,

Tim Shook & Family