Tim and Missy Shook Prayer Letter: As for God, His Way Is Perfect“As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him.” (Psalm 18:30)

We write you this latest update while in the middle of another COVID lockdown. Despite having restrictions and having to go back to online services, we are watching God sustain His people.

We have continued our outreach with food and support to those whose jobs have suffered during the shutdown. God has used the online services to encourage new believers, as well as our faithful church members.

Sangad, Joom, and Tan (our staff members) and I had another opportunity to take relief bags to people in the community. Many folks who are used to living on very little are now in the situation of wondering when their next meal will be. This has been a languishing time for many. Please continue to pray as we look for more ways to reach our community.

Much work and land preparation were done at the new property in the months of June and July. Just a few weeks ago, a few men from the church and I met with our architect and his project engineer. The blueprints are being drawn up for each building/construction phase, and we are preparing to start Phase 1. Below is a breakdown of each phase:

We are currently in the first of five phases of the land development. This first phase includes:

1. The architect’s blueprint/plans being drawn.
2. Clearing and leveling the property, which has been completed.
3. Building a temporary gravel driveway (in progress).
4. Building a three-meter-high perimeter wall and two gates for the entrance and exit driveways (in progress).
5. Digging one, possibly two, wells.
6. Installing solar panels and a water pump.
7. Building our first permanent structure on the land, a two-bedroom house for the security guard and his family.
8. Purchasing and installing a transformer and electric poles.

The total estimated cost of this first phase is $75,000. Praise the Lord, some of this has already been donated. We have received donations towards the well and the electrical transformer. Also, our churches here have continued to raise money for land development, (we have just over $9,000 in our church’s Land Fund). With our Thailand funds and supporters’ donations, we have just over $19,000 of the $75,000 needed to complete Phase 1. Thank you to all who have donated for the land purchase and development over the past few years! If you are interested in donating specifically to this project, please contact me at tim.shook@fbmi.org or contact the FBMI offices
to donate to Thailand Team Special Projects.

Just this week, one of our faithful members, Nok Gaow, lost her adult son in a tragic fishing-boat accident. He had been a fisherman for years. He was swept overboard by a large, three-meter wave and was lost at sea. His body was found three days later. Tan and I were able to visit Nok Gaow and give her a gift of condolence from our church. As we talked with her family, the Lord opened the door for me to give Jack, Nok Gaow’s other son, the Gospel. What a privilege it was to watch this grieving man accept Jesus into his heart.

Missy and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on August 2. We are thankful for God’s leading in our lives and for the many opportunities we have had to serve Him together. What a joy it is to grow in love and in His grace.

Please pray for our future furlough plans. Travel in and out of Thailand has not yet stabilized, and the government is changing regulations almost daily. We would like to take a furlough in the fall of 2022 to raise needed support and to take Lauren and Mark to see several colleges. This would give them time to pray about and decide where they will study in the near future. They started the 2021-2022 school year this week. Lauren is in 10th grade, and Mark is in 9th grade.

As this year, and last, have brought new uncertainties, I am reminded that “As for God, his way is perfect . . . .” May we stay faithful to His calling and trust in the promises of His Word as our sure foundation.

Your missionary,

Tim Shook & Family