Teerapat Phaisarnpiwat Prayer Letter: Rainy SeasonWe are full-blown into rainy season—raining nearly every day and often all day. While planting time in the U.S. is in the summer, for us it is during the rainy season. People are growing corn and rice everywhere. Rain or shine, you see people in the fields, working and nurturing the tender plants. My wife and I also planted some. The rice fields are beautiful; they look like tall green grass, which we don’t usually see. Friends of ours asked us how our ministry is doing, and I likened our church to being in the rainy season as well. We have been busy planting seeds, watering, nurturing, and watching the people grow. While the people we are working with are growing and learning, we are doing the same right along with them. The planting time can be messy because of all the mud and a lot of work, but reaping the harvest makes all the work worth it. To see one or two pursue knowing God more is so rewarding. We have seen people put their faith in Christ, hearts become more open, and lives changed.

New Bible Study

We often go soul winning in Pah Dae, a bordering Karen village. During one of these visits with the help of a translator, I was able to lead a grandma to know Christ as her Saviour. A seed had already been planted in her heart, and she wanted to know more about Jesus. After spending an hour with her, she invited us to come back. This past Wednesday was our third week of doing a Bible study at her home or her neighbor’s home before our regular Wednesday night service. She only speaks Karen, so Wut translates for me each time. The village is where Wut grew up, and he has many friends and family members living there. Each time we go soul winning there, he takes us to one of their homes to share with them the Gospel. Seeing his desire to see his family and friends know Christ is so encouraging.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for wisdom for my wife and me to know how to best direct, teach, and help those we are reaching.
2. Pray for good health; during rainy season, many get dengue fever and the common cold.
3. Pray for a roof for our truck; this will make it so our truck can be used as a transportation vehicle and everyone will stay dry.
Thank you for your prayers and support.

Teerapat and Tiffany Phaisarnpiwat