TAN Update:  What's Happening?!THE TUTTONS ARE “ON THE MOVE!!”

Ha-ha! We are really, literally on the move . . . we’ve “pulled-the-plug” and are giving our best, last years to the Lord. We have liquidated all our belongings after giving much of it to our children, grandchildren, neighbors, and friends of the church. From the first day of the for-sale sign going up in our yard, we have been able to win five of our neighbors to the Lord and four people who came by our house buying things. Praise the Lord! What a wonderful beginning in God’s will! Our house will soon be sold, and we will be traveling full-time for Teaching All Nations and Teaching Our People. We are looking now for a small motor home, which we know the Lord will supply. We already have meetings scheduled for preaching and presentation of TAN and TOP. In the month of July, we will be holding a family conference in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. We are excited to take this wonderful “leap of faith.” How can we do less than HE asks of us? Jesus left all His worldly possessions at the Cross, and that’s where we’re leaving ours too.


Teaching All Nations is “MOVING FORWARD” also in Africa!! Bro. Jeff Lines, who serves the Lord at Longview Baptist Temple in Texas, just returned from Africa, where he introduced Teaching All Nations to a number of national pastors who plan to train their men to serve the Lord full-time. What an opportunity!

Teaching All Nations is “MOVING FORWARD” in Southeast Asia too!! Bro. Sikok Soeurn in Cambodia is leading his students into completing the second year of study, using the Teaching All Nations workbooks. Bro. Bob Bowen, a TAN board member and director of the B.E.S.T. ministries, recently reported, “Pastor Sikok, who is doing a tremendous job in Cambodia, now has four young men of God who have started four new churches in outlying villages while attending Bro. Sikok’s Bible institute.” Praise the Lord for this awesome report!

Traveling across America,

Ed & Carolyn Tutton
(Hosea 4:6)