Stan Lawrenson Prayer Letter: Driving a Pedicab“With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men.” (Ephesians 6:7)

Not all missionary work is exactly the same. Sometimes the service of a missionary on the field can be quite unique. Among my duties on the field, there is one that is very unique—that is driving a vehicle known as a pedicab. A pedicab is a motorcycle attached to a sidecar, with a roof fitted over both. Many heads turn quickly here in the Philippines, and gazing commences when they realize that there is an American driving one of these completely Philippine-cultured machines. Many people say that I am the only American they have ever seen driving a pedicab.

And if it isn’t enough to drive a completely foreign vehicle, I have also been given the most unique service of training, qualifying, and verifying the licenses of the Filipino men who drive the pedicabs for our transportation ministry! At the International Baptist Church at Dumaguete, we currently have eight Filipinos who are qualified ministry pedicab drivers. Every week these drivers make numerous trips to bring in church members and visitors from their designated areas. Safety of the riders and the equipment is priority to all of our drivers. I am honored to have a part in the reaching of many people on a weekly basis through our transportation ministry!

Elisabeth is home with us for the summer! It is a joy to have our oldest child home from college. She has been able to get busy with us right away, as she plays in the orchestra, sings, and visits on her old route.

Serving the Lord with gladness,

The Lawrenson Family (on the field)
Stan, Kim, Elisabeth (for the summer!)
Bethany, Josiah, Chloe Anna, Stephen, and Luke