Billy Carter Prayer Letter:  Update on Church Building ProgramDear Supporting Pastors, Family, and Friends,

Greetings from sunny and hot Ghana! Here are some reports about the things we are involved in here in Ghana.

Church Building Program:

We broke ground for our new church building here in Kumasi in September 2012. In early 2013, we started raising the first trusses into place. However, a terrible storm came in March 2013, which knocked down and left in a tangled mess the four we had put in place. Soon after this setback, God brought across our path an American-trained engineer named Fadi Chahine who helped us put up a superior roofing structure. Our building is now nearing completion, and we are blessed to be using it for all of our services. I have enjoyed using many of the skills, like carpentry, plumbing, and contracting, that God allowed me to acquire even before I surrendered my life to serve Him. God was certainly preparing me for the work He has for me here in Ghana.

Life Builders Sunday School Class:

Our Sunday school class began 2013 with an average attendance of 59 per Sunday and ended the year with an average attendance of 98. This year is off to an excellent start; we have had 98 visitors so far this year, many of whom have become regular church attendees. Thirteen of these have joined the church. There has also been an increase in the number of our class members who join us for soul winning each Saturday morning. I have taught the people of this class since we first came 7½ years ago and have many wonderful friends among them.

Time in the States:

Our family will be in the States in November and December of this year. Specifically, we will be in the Kentucky and Indiana and perhaps in the Southeast. During this time we will be available to give churches an update on the work here in Ghana. Please contact me at to see if we can work out a specific date for your church.

We covet your prayers.

Please pray for our health, as there are many “bugs” here in Ghana. Pray for our class soul winners: Nicholas, Veronica, Frank, Ezekiel, Samuel, Dominic, Rancy, Mary, Patrick, John, Eric, Solomon, Francois, Lincoln, and others! Pray for the new church building to be successfully completed. Thank you for your loving support all these years.

Yours for souls in Ghana,

Bill, Virginia, and Chloe Carter