Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Yes, It Is Worth It!We are always praying for you, and we thank you for praying for us. Prayer works! We continue every day by His power, and we know your prayers help in a mighty way. Your financial support helps keep us here, and your prayer helps keep us going. Thank you!

Spending 10-hour days a couple of times a week, traveling to the new work in Monteros and back, is hard on the body, but well worth it. Soul winning on Saturdays in a local work is worth it also. I’ll never forget that day when Mauro was explaining the Gospel, and as he read the verses, the two sisters were leaning over the Bible. He explained the verse and then read another, and each time he read a verse, they intently leaned over to see the Word of God. Yes, it is worth it!

In our personal soul-winning efforts for His glory, 21 received the free gift of salvation, 1 received assurance, we stood praying as 11 received the free gift, and we gave out 25 Bibles. Yes, it is worth it!

To the right is a picture of Orientation Night at the seminary. It’s a great group of folks, with several first-year students. The devotion time I have with them on Friday mornings is one of my favorite times of the week. Starting this month (April), Susie is moving up to teach the girls, ages 9 through 14, in Sunday school.

Please pray for health and safety. Pray for the smaller churches to grow. Pray for our abilities to advance as we try to minister more and in different ways and areas. Pray for more laborers. Yes, it is worth it!

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson