Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Workers Needed!We are constantly praying for your spiritual, numerical, and financial growth. We pray for your protection. We pray for new churches to be planted in America and for missionaries to be called out from your churches. Thank you for praying for our ministry.

The three-day meeting in La Rioja went well. We were able to see 4 souls saved in the neighborhood, and 2 received Christ in one of the services. The church in Formosa Province is very strong, so we will continue to focus our efforts in La Rioja. Besides helping the church that is near our home, Belen Baptist Church, we have also been able to help the church in Santiago del Estero.

One of the seminary students asked me to take him to the small town of Ranchillo about one hour away to witness to some people he met on a bus. I took three of the students with me, and we surveyed the town for a future work. The couple he met on the bus received Christ! Before we left, another had received Christ. This town of 8,000 has no independent Baptist church. The following Saturday we went back and saw 19 receive Christ that day. One of the students is going to start taking a bus to Ranchillo on Wednesdays to see what the Lord will do with his heart concerning these precious sheep.

In our personal soul-winning efforts for His glory, we were able to lead 5 to saving faith in the finished work of Christ. We stood silently praying as 29 received the free gift of salvation, and we were able to give 32 Bibles. Leading someone to the Lord and not making sure they have a Bible is like having a baby and not trying to feed it.

Pray for our health and safety, as we are traveling many miles. Pray for our language studies. Pray that we can find a temporary building in Ranchillo to have services in until the Lord calls a pastor to the work. Pray that it will be available for three hours on Sundays at a good cost. We always ask you to pray. We would love to pray more specifically for you—email us. We’re all in this together, you know.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson