Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Welcome to Argentina!With great joy I write to you from Argentina. I had to travel to Washington, D.C., for a second time to secure our visas before our flights, but it was beneficial. We were able to travel without having to change our tickets, which would have been a great cost. We want to bring glory to our Father, so being good stewards is important to us. All of our flights were on time. Praise the Lord!

After traveling 31 hours in an airplane, I was asked to preach that night on missions. With very little sleep for two nights, the Father gave me a sermon. I preached on “Is Your Mission the Same as Your Lord’s Mission?” The Lord gave me the strength, and He worked in the hearts of the people, with 4 receiving Christ as their personal Saviour and many making decisions at the altar. To God be the glory! The next Saturday we went soul winning, and then that night I was allowed to give a devotion at the Marriage Banquet. It is exciting to be used by our Lord and to see Him work in our lives and in the lives of those to whom we minister.

Susie is adjusting to the culture very quickly and has made our home very nice. We still don’t have telephone or internet service, so if you email us, it may be a week before I am able to respond. Thank you to those who have already emailed us; we certainly desire your prayers.

Our most urgent prayer requests are that we would learn the language quickly and that we could get rid of the ants. They think they are paying the rent and that we are the intruders. We’ll be in Heaven, and they won’t be. When we get to Heaven, it will be worth it all.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson