Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Visiting the Most NeedyThank you for being so faithful with your prayers and financial support. Many of you have sent special letters or emails of encouragement. We’ve received extra financial support as well. At this moment, we can’t travel, so our finances are very well taken care of. I’m old-school and believe in having a
“Rainy-Day Fund” set aside, and your faithfulness makes that possible.

Because of the quarantine, we couldn’t even leave the house until the 7th of April and, after that, only to buy food or go to the doctor. Susie fell sick; and, praise the Lord, her doctor was open a few nights a week. I woke up one Saturday morning and couldn’t walk without holding onto the walls. I praise the Lord that it only lasted a few days, and I praise the Lord that Susie is healed.

I have received special permission from the government to circulate for the purpose of spiritual work. We are visiting the ones who can’t afford Internet and sharing the Word with them. We sing, pray, and dive right into His precious Word. We all need that, you know. We are also taking them a bag of vegetables and a bag of staples like flour and rice. All of them are bus riders and don’t get the individual, spiritual attention they need. Since I have them at their homes where I can ask the most important questions, many have realized that they aren’t saved and have confessed Christ as Saviour!

You know I always ask for your prayers for our health and safety. Yes, I’m doing that again. We pray for you. You know, we’re all on the same team with the same goal. Let’s win the world for Christ!

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson