Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Visas Extended!!We hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! We had a great Thanksgiving with a missionary family, and then two days later, we celebrated with an Argentine family who were missionaries in the U.S. for 10 years. Susie’s stuffing was the best!

God is constantly increasing our faith. We went to Taco Pozo to preach and encourage Brother Torres in the new work we are starting there. In two months he had built a very primitive house for his family and had dug the foundation for the church. The Bible studies average 14 each week. On our way to Taco Pozo, we had the tension pulley break. On a Sunday in the middle of nowhere, our Father provided a mechanic and the correct part! How faithful is our Father to provide and increase our faith!

God is working here in Tucuman. He is using us and your prayers and support to fulfill His will. We stood praying as He saved 3 precious souls, and we gave out 18 Bibles. The church in Formosa Province is self-supporting, and the churches in La Rioja and Ranchillos are steadfast in the faith. We had 4 graduates in the seminary. We received a 90-day extension on our visas; this is normal because paperwork here moves so slowly. Next year we apply for our permanent visas!

We are expecting Him to do more. We are praying for Him to do more. We want you to pray with us about this. We all can do more as we grow in our faith and submit to His will for our lives. Pray for more seminary students. Pray for our six-week visit to North Carolina to visit our parents and daughter. We want to return to Tucuman refreshed for the new works that He is allowing us to be a part of. Pray for members of your church to hear the call for missions and church planting.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson