Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Two Birthdays in OneThe rains have finally come, and we are thankful. God is always so good to us. We are thankful for your prayers and financial support. We are thankful that He chose us to represent you for His glory in Argentina. We strive to please Him every day in every way.

One way we try to please Him is by thinking of how we can be more effective in leading souls to the Saviour. I recently mentioned the Wordless Book to the Sunday school leader. He had never heard of it! Can you imagine that? By the time you read this letter, we will be training 14 Sunday school workers how to use this evangelistic tool. We have between 125-200 kids in Sunday school. We are making the booklets here as a craft to send home with the students after the students understand how it works.

This month we were able to give the Bible to 5 people, the book with the most important words ever penned. We were able to be used by Him to lead 2 precious souls to Him. We stood silently and prayed as 1 became a child of the King. One of these precious souls, Carmela, received Christ as her personal Saviour on her physical birthday. Can you imagine that? Carmela has her spiritual and physical birthday on the same date.

We experienced our first hard earthquake. The epicenter was only four hours away. We received our Bibles at a great price. We now have another family that we can visit weekly and practice the language.

We ask that you specifically pray for our visas. We have turned in the paperwork. Everything moves slowly in Argentina. This will be our second year for visas. In Argentina we have to receive three one-year visas. If we do this, then on year four we will receive our permanent visas. We are having a pastors’ conference in November. There will be pastors from six countries attending that I know of. Pray for safety. Pray for souls to come to Christ by all means possible. Could the Lord use 200 children and some willing servants to start a revival in Tucuman? Will you pray with us?

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson