Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: The Gospel Is the DifferenceAs we begin the last month of 2020, we can all say, no matter where we are in the world, that God is so good to us. He wakes us up each day and has a plan for us. We are so thankful to serve a God Who thinks of us constantly and wants what is best for us. We are thankful that we serve Him with you and never take for granted your role in our ministry. We pray for you several times each week.

As we close out another year of life, I’m reminded of just how precious life is and the great responsibilities we as believers have in Christ. Our Lord made it perfectly clear that we are to tell others of Him. Milagros, a 10-year-old Sunday school student of Susie’s, died suddenly this year. I truly believe she made a profession of faith, and I will see her in Heaven. Susie’s brother died at 51 years of age, and I truly believe he died without Christ as Saviour—only God knows. We both witnessed to him by word and deed. He died suddenly also.

The point is that we never know when our last opportunity will be to share the good news of Christ. I personally want to encourage each believer to really meditate on this responsibility during this Christmas season and to use every open door as a way to lead the unsaved to the door (John 10:9).

Please pray for our safety and health.

In Christ,
Simeon and Susie Hudson