Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Thank You, Holy SpiritI’m sure that all is well, because we serve the heavenly Father. His grace truly is sufficient. His will is perfect, and we are thankful to be part of His will with you. We hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. We were able to buy a turkey and fellowship with some others who understand the holiday. Enjoy the Christmas season and all it stands for. Enjoy your family, and worship the Saviour.

In November I taught in the seminary, and I had the opportunity to preach and teach during the Pastors’ Conference at Be-tel Baptist Church here in Tucuman. Several were saved, and many decisions were made to serve Him full-time. I also met several pastors whom I may be able to help concerning planting some new churches in provinces that have NEVER had an independent Baptist church. Since all of the Sunday school teachers for the kids are ladies, Susie is staying on top of the Wordless Book program we started. We expect Him to receive much glory in this area of the ministry.

Three precious souls received Christ during personal evangelism. Marie thought she was saved until we showed her that the Book of Mormon was not God’s Word. Now Marie knows that she is saved by God, not “a god.” Needless to say, she received one of the three Bibles we gave away. As we were teaching Marie the basics of the faith, her daughter came in and sat down. After hearing that the Bible taught eternal security, she wanted to know how she could have the assurance of Heaven. With her mother smiling from across the table, Ramina sweetly received Christ as her personal Saviour. To be involved in such a great work and even be called an ambassador by His Word is very humbling.

Please pray for our visas to be approved by the Tucuman province. We have been approved on the federal level in Buenas Aires. Pray that the Wordless Book program will lead to many salvations, now and in the future. Thank you for sending the Christmas cards and extra finances. Thank you for praying for the elections; a conservative won. Now let’s pray in God’s choice for America.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson