Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Seeking OpportunitiesIt’s the middle of winter here in Argentina, and already we are seeing some trees and plants starting to flower. It reminds me that God is always working and creating new life. We are thankful that we are a part of His work here, and we are thankful that we can do this for Him with you. Your sacrifices are a very large part of His work. I truly believe it is worth it—here on earth and when we meet in Glory.

Our survey trip to the Misiones Province went well. We worshipped the Saviour and walked the streets in Garuhapé, winning souls for Him. We enjoyed the time with some old friends and met some new ones. It’s now a time for prayer to see if the Lord will use us there also. The opportunities are everywhere here in Argentina, and we want His leading. Being good stewards is a high priority with us.

In July, He used us to lead 7 to Himself. We stood praying as 1 received Him, and we gave 17 Bibles. We also purchased our third shipment of 10,000 tracts for the year. We praise the Lord that we also need to purchase more Bibles! We are waiting for them to become available.

The harvest field for souls is wide open. Pray that we will live in that field. Pray for our health. We’ve recovered from the May sickness, but Susie is now sick again with a larynx inflammation. Pray for travel mercies. The work in Monteros is 1½ hours away, and we go several times a week right now. Continue praying for the car; it still doesn’t want to crank correctly. We have another part to replace on August 4, 2018.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson