Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Second Convert Turns Into Weekly Bible StudyOur prayers are that you are well and full of joy in serving our Lord. He is always so much better to us than we deserve. Because of Him we are able to live victorious, Christ-like lives. To Him be all glory!

Can you believe it? Our second convert, a lady named Karina, has allowed us to have a Bible study in her home, which is also a store. During the meetings she prays that no customers walk up for something. Our Bible studies have been on the importance of the Bible. During our first Bible study, her son received Christ. During our second Bible study, her husband and two younger children received Christ! The next day the whole family was in the main service at Betel. What a privilege to serve Him in the center of His will here in Argentina. Continue to pray for our ministry here as we seek to bring Him glory and lead many to saving faith.

We still don’t have internet or phone service. Taxi rides are an adventure all by themselves; 90 percent of them are playing American rock music. Since we’ve been in Argentina, it has rained every day but two. It’s funny how it can rain almost every day and there still be an inch of dust everywhere—I’ll let you know when I figure that one out.

So far, we’ve had 12 Spanish lessons. I believe we are progressing well. In fact, I think Susie is making more progress than I am. We are spending time with Spanish-speaking people as much as possible. This really helps in our comprehension of the language.

Please pray for Spanish comprehension and good health. So far, neither one of us has been sick. Pray for our Argentine I.D.s to arrive so we can purchase a van for the ministry. There are many car accidents daily, so pray for our safety. Pray for more laborers to be called to this very needy country.

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in reaching the world for Christ. May we lift Him up in all we say and do.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson