Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Safety in ChristI hope you have had a great Christmas season and have started the new year with goals to accomplish for His glory and your spiritual welfare. We are so thankful to be partnered with you in the greatest work known to society.
Usually in January, I give a review of the last year. We’ll do that, Lord willing, in the February letter. As Susie and I spent the last day of 2019 at home with the goal of not leaving the house all day, we talked about our ministry a lot. We talked about how in January of 2009, we started praying, “Do more with us, Lord.” After 10 years of having this desire, we thanked the Lord for blessing that desire, and we recommitted ourselves to that same desire of “Do more with us, Lord.”

After watching some fireworks at midnight in the neighborhood, we went to bed. I kept thinking over and over how one second changed so much. In one second, we changed years. In one second, we started a new decade. In one second, a person can pass from death to life in Christ. In one second, the eternal fate of everyone is sealed. I’m so glad the Lord put in our hearts the desire to “do more.” Who knows when that second is? Who knows when the trumpet will sound?

LEAST FAVORITE SALVATION OF DECEMBER: On the 21st, we were soul winning in, what I call, a “homemade” neighborhood. It’s a path cut into the woods, and the houses are basically shanties. Monica, age 63, received Christ and wanted to go to church but was scared to leave at night. It’s my least favorite, because it’s too dangerous for us to go in and get her at night. As time permits, we will disciple her in Christ during the day.

As always, our greatest prayer request for us personally is for health and safety. After having a slight, constant pain in the right side of my chest since July, I have found out that my spine is starting to twist a little. There’s no cure for this, so let’s just do more—every second counts!

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson