Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Quien Busca?Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! I hope all three are great times of blessing for your families. The holidays here are not the same, but we celebrate and are very thankful—even when turkey is $5.00 per pound!

We continue soul winning and preaching in Chicligaste on Thursdays and preaching in Cadillal on Wednesday nights. We’ll soon move to a new town to preach since Chicligaste is small. Many have been saved, but a permanent work there will be a miracle of the Lord. The folks in Cadillal are bused in to the big church on Sundays. They really need their own church and pastor, and we’ll continue to try to accomplish that goal.

Quien busca (“Who you look”)? I was asked this by 3 boys sitting in the street as I waited for Pastor Nunez to finish talking to a lady. I told them I was looking for them and had facturas (“sweet rolls”) for them if they wanted one. As they ate the sweet rolls, I asked them if they believed the Bible was God’s Word. They all said, “Yes.” After clearly explaining how to receive Christ (they had some wrong ideas on how to go to Heaven), they all added their names to the sweetest roll of all. They were 3 of the 6 we led to Christ. We gave 1 the assurance of salvation from His Word, stood praying as 4 received Him, and gave out 7 Bibles.

The seminary had 3 graduates: 2 men and 1 lady! Pray that during Summer Break we can enroll more students for the new year that starts in March. Pray that the Lord will give Cadillal a pastor. Pray for our health and safety as we travel to new areas to survey concerning new works.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson