Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Put Yourself Out ThereWe are thankful that the Lord has allowed us to serve Him another month in Argentina. We are thankful that we serve Him here with your help. Thank you for allowing us to represent your ministry here. We are always trying to do more for Him, and you help make that possible.

Where and what we do seems to change every two weeks, as they are constantly changing the restrictions here. One thing that does not change is our desire to see more people trust Christ as Saviour. With this desire and just putting ourselves out there, we can see the Lord do amazing things. Because of the fear factor on the part of the population, some days we just go out and walk around looking for opportunities on the sidewalks. Many don’t want us going to their houses.

How sweet it was to see Guillermo sweeping around one of the local idols one cool morning. After bragging on how good of a job he did cleaning the area and talking about how important it was to have a religious life, he listened carefully to a clear presentation of the Gospel. With two women 15 feet away praying to a worthless idol, Guillermo bowed his head and received the one and only true God. He hasn’t visited the church yet, but you know what? I haven’t seen him cleaning around a worthless idol anymore either.

As I write this letter, Susie has a sinus infection again. I’m congested, and my sinuses are bleeding, but nothing more than that. With only one day with a very light sprinkle of rain since May, there is a lot of dirt in the air. Pray for our health and safety. We sure do appreciate it!

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson