Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Pray for Seminary StudentsI always enjoy writing the monthly prayer letters. We pray for you each month and are thankful for the opportunity to share prayer requests with you. We are sending this prayer letter out a little early because July is a very important month in the ministry here in Tucuman. Because of the record low attendance of students who actually live in the dorms, I will be traveling on the weekends to cities outside of Tucuman, promoting the seminary in churches for the second semester which begins in August.

Please pray for our safety as we travel, much of it at night. Pray for more students to enter the seminary with the desire to plant churches. Please pray for continued progress in our language studies. Pray for godly leadership to be elected in the fall elections. Please pray for more laborers to hear the call of the Father’s leading.

By the grace of God, we were able to lead 14 to saving faith in Christ alone. Six were saved during preaching, 5 were saved as we stood silently praying, and, praise the Lord, we were able to give 5 Bibles to those who did not have the most important Book in all the world. Many young folks are trusting in Christ and attending the church. As we disciple them, we hope they will become faithful servants for His glory.

About Argentina: The police drive around with their lights flashing all the time—so much for sneaking up on someone. You have to wash the eggs when you buy them; they may have a feather or two on them. The birds are beautiful, and the people are very kind and helpful.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson