Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Only by His GraceGreetings with brotherly love in the name of our precious Saviour. I trust your holidays were full of joy. Even though it was in the nineties here in Tucuman, we enjoyed the fellowship with the brothers and sisters while worshiping the Saviour. A week before Christmas, the Lord sent millions of white butterflies one day. They were so abundant that Susie said they were the Argentina snow.

Our prayer requests are for spiritual growth, health, and safety. We are also changing Spanish teachers to get a different perspective on the listening side of the language. The slang in the language here is so bad they call it “Tucuman bicycle.” I am now teaching and preaching in Spanish without a translator. Glory to God!

To the best of our knowledge in 2015, there were . . .

• 96 saved in personal soul winning.
• 44 Bibles given.
• 41 children saved with the Wordless Book (a program never done here).
• 5 parents saved because they came to see their child receive his/her Bible.
• Many faithful converts attending the church.
• Many decisions made in special meetings.

Only in Glory will we know the whole story. One thing I know for sure—to be partnered with you in snatching souls from the fires of Hell is worth it all. Thank you for being so faithful.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson