Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Not a Silent PartnerNOT A SILENT PARTNER

I love to go soul winning. I thought that when I arrived in Argentina, I would be what we call the “silent partner,” the one who prays while the other does the talking. Both are equally important, but I really love to tell people about the great salvation offered by our Lord. Praise the Lord! He had other plans. With the help of the two English-speaking people in the church, I’ve been able to lead 10 precious souls to the Saviour! One Saturday we were out soul winning (ganar almas), and the grandmother received Christ, along with two of her grandchildren and one of their friends. The next Sunday they were all in church. The daughter also came to church with her friend, and they both received Christ!

Each year Be-tel has a Youth Conference, and I was asked by the youth leader to preach the conference. During the conference at least 9 were saved, and many decisions were made at the altar. The youth were inviting unsaved friends and doing all they could to make the conference a success. Over 100 attended each service.

About Argentina

We were in an inside food court, and a dog came through, checking out each table. The people acted as if nothing had happened. Planes fly overhead every day, making announcements for the local dance halls. Sellers of everything you can think of ride around from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on trucks from the 60s and 70s with extremely loud speakers. We killed a baby snake in the bathtub one morning.

Our language studies are going well. We still don’t have internet or long-distance phone service. So far, neither one of us has been sick; pray that we will stay healthy. Pray for our language studies to advance so we can branch out in our ministry here. Thank you for holding the ropes financially and prayerfully. We love you and pray for you. Pray for His glory to be advanced through our service for Him here in Tucuman.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson