send greetings of joy and thankfulness as we serve Him here in Argentina as your representatives and your brother and sister in Christ. He truly provides more than we could hope for as He guides our steps in the ministry here. This month I taught for a week in the seminary, preached in Ranchillos and at Betel, and also did a four-day survey trip to the town of Taco Pozo in the Chaco Province. Former seminary student Lito Torres is wanting to return to this town and start a church.

We went to Taco Pozo and did a little soul winning, went to see some of his old friends, and had two services in the backyard of Brother Claude Serrano, the uncle of Brother Torres’ wife. We had 25 on Saturday night and 22 on Sunday night. One young lady received Christ before the Sunday night service, and we dedicated her baby to Christ also. This town of about 15,000 needs a good independent Baptist church. Brother Torres is moving this week to Taco Pozo, and if it’s God’s will after the family gets settled in, we will start a church. The uncle has a great piece of land for US$700.00, and he is going to donate 5,000 bricks to start the church. I’m sending Brother Torres with Bibles and tracts. What we need from you is prayer. The Lord is using us in a great way here in Argentina, and we want your prayers. His grace is sufficient, and His provisions are abundant!

In September the Lord used us to lead 6 to saving faith, give 1 assurance, and give 13 Bibles. We’ve been soul winning in a dangerous section of San Miguel lately. The area is known for voodoo. Of the 6 we led to Christ, 4 of them were teenagers standing under a tree trying to dodge the intense heat. As the bus captain finished telling them what time the bus would be in the area, I noticed that they were very attentive. I asked them if they were sure they had a home in Heaven. None of them knew this. After a presentation of the Gospel, all 4 sweetly trusted Christ. Why do I mention this? Think about it. They no longer have to fear the voodoo in their area, and they don’t have to fear the intense heat of a never-ending Hell!! Like I said earlier, “With joy and thankfulness, we greet you,” and one day they will too!!

Pray for the possibility of a new church plant in Taco Pozo. Pray for our health and safety.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson