Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Investing in LivesWhat a joy it is to be investing in His kingdom and in the lives of others with you. For many years now, we have been making a difference for His glory together.

Below is a picture of Mario, a young man who was on drugs for years and now has been clean for four months. As I disciple him, I see another great servant of the Father in the making. The goal is that he also will invest in the lives of others.

A few weeks back, I met Pilar Sanagua. She is 88 years old and has served the Lord for 44 years. When I met her, she said she could not read her Bible anymore because the letters were too small. Needless to say, she now has a large-print Bible. Have you ever seen someone smile when receiving a Bible? Yes, it was a very big smile!

Investing in lives for Christians is a lifelong process. I’m sure Sister Pilar is praying. We thank you for praying and supporting the ministry here. Because of your investments in the ministry, 5 received Christ, 1 was given assurance, we stood praying as 11 received Christ, and we gave out 2 Bibles.

Our week in Mendoza helping fellow missionary, Adrian Ferrari, with his one-year anniversary went well. Also below is a picture of a meal at his house. What you see is two missionary families from Mexico and two missionary families from the United States: four families sent by God to invest in lives for His glory.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson