Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Going Forward!Greetings! We send them with great joy and thankfulness—joyful, because He is in control, and thankful, because He is in control and we are working with you for Him. The work continues, although at a slower pace, because here in Argentina the lockdown is so very strict. We are fortunate, in that the province of Tucuman has had fewer cases than many others.

Good News and Bad News

he good news is that the work in Monteros now has an Argentine pastor. The bad news is that the old meeting place is longer available. We found a new building for Pastor Marcelo, but the week we were to rent it, two new cases of the virus were discovered on that very block. The landlord decided not to rent it, at least for now.

Good News and Bad News

The good news is that although Pablo Contreras decided not to pastor the new work in Concepcion, Pastor Jose Tedechi will. The bad news is that Concepcion is also under a new, stricter lockdown because it’s only 20 miles from Monteros.

We’re still having devotions in the houses and sharing the Gospel when the opportunity is there. Several have received Christ this month, and we have given out many Bibles. The Bibles are of the cheaper variety—if you can say that about a Bible, but as I’m getting to know the people on some bus routes who have been faithful for many years, I’m buying them high-quality study Bibles. I think it’s a small price to pay for such an eternal investment in His children. Thank you for your faithful support.

The chiropractor has helped a little with the pinched nerve in my neck, and at this moment, Susie has another sinus infection. Please pray for complete healing in these areas.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson