Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Go to Walmart--The Saving Place!Thank you for your continued support for His glory. We pray and hope that all is well in your lives and ministries. For us, the health problems continue, but His grace is sufficient. Susie had stomach problems again this month. The surgery on my thumb still hasn’t healed completely, but it is better. Praise the Lord! Now I have a severe pain in my left shoulder in the joint. I’ll keep you updated, but please pray for this issue.

Last month we asked you to pray about planting a new church in Rosario de la Frontera. After spending several days with the pastor of the home Bible study, I realized we had different ideas about how to biblically grow the church. After confirming this with my pastor in my home church in North Carolina, I’ve decided not to proceed with this work. At this moment there are two other Bible studies going on within one hour of here, and we will pray and see what the Lord will do.

The Great Physician has been at work! Not only has He kept us going, but He has also met the greatest need a person has for 14 precious souls this month. Speaking of work, I went to Walmart (the only one in this city of 900,000) to have the air conditioning checked on the car. The worker asked why we were in Tucuman. I told him as 2 more workers joined the conversation. I prayed in my heart for no new customers to arrive, and for 40 minutes I shared the Gospel with them. All 3 received Christ, and 2 needed Bibles. They even had their manager watch as I presented to them their Bibles. This was 2 of the 17 Bibles we gave out this month. I’ve been able to talk with one of them again, but so far they haven’t visited the church. I reckon Wal-Mart is the saving place after all!

We know we have some of the best prayer warriors in all the world. We know your prayers make a difference. Pray for our health and safety. Pray for spiritual discernment as we seek His will for the new church plants that I’m sure He will provide. Pray for Argentine pastors to answer His call.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson