Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Follow His LeadingThank you for being so faithful to the Lord and to our ministry here in Argentina through your prayers and financial support. We constantly want to do more for Him, and you help us make that possible. We have so many things to be thankful for.

The Lord blessed our ministry in many ways in February, but there is one that really touches our hearts. Our landlord is an 80-year-old, hard-core Catholic. Susie and I have prayed many times for the right opportunity to witness to her. We only see her once or twice a month when she comes to our neighborhood. She had just returned from a two-month vacation and was at home as I was grilling some burgers for lunch. The Lord just wouldn’t leave me alone. I told Susie, “Today is the day I talk to Susana.” Susana was very receptive as I asked her what she had to do in this life to have a home in Heaven when she died. After carefully showing her that her answer didn’t line up with the Bible, she admitted that in 80 years, she had not read that in the Bible; and, after a brief, internal fight with her traditions, she bowed her head in humble faith and received the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

We also have great news concerning the new church in Mendoza. The land is transferred, and the foundation is being dug. Susie and I will go on the 10th to spend a month preaching and caring for the work, as Pastor Trevino is going to Mexico for a month.

At the end of February, we celebrated the first anniversary of the church plant, Esperanza de Vida. On February 14, Pablo Contreras and I started going to Concepción, 1½ hours away, to lead folks to Christ and lay the groundwork for a new church plant. God is so good!

Our health is okay, so keep on praying. We travel a lot, so pray for traveling mercies. Much will happen in His name this year, and you
are such a big part of it.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson