Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Folks Still Getting Saved!Greetings from locked-down Argentina. We are glad to see that North America is opening back up. Here in Argentina, there is no movement without special permission. We have the special permission to do spiritual work, and we are using it to the maximum.

We simply want to report that Satan is still losing the battles, even in these trying times. Because we are spending so much time visiting the bus routes with food, singing, praying, and time in His Word, we are seeing many come to true saving faith in Christ, as we are able to make sure that they understand what the Bible says about the gift of God.

What tickles my heart so much is that we are seeing many young people receive Christ. Just last week on a visit to Vanessa’s house, it turned into a Sunday school, with kids choosing their favorite songs and learning to use the index in their Bibles to find the books faster! Kids here don’t get a lot of attention, and they eat it up when they do. Hope you enjoy the picture!

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson