Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter: Busy in His service!We are thankful for you. We are thankful for the cooler weather. We are thankful, most of all, that He is still on the throne! With all that goes on every day, this is very important. Susie and I both have a recurring skin condition. It looks like I’ll be having another trigger-finger surgery, and travel is getting harder again. I’m so glad I serve a Saviour Who never changes!

In March we celebrated the third anniversary of the fourth church plant in Monteros. Pastor Marcelo is doing a great job—so well, in fact, that it looks like we may have to buy more chairs! There is a great mix of age groups, which I think is very important in a church.

The church construction in La Cocha is about 80% complete. Pastor Zerda is such a humble man. Just the other day, I was at his parent’s house praying with them, and she told me she prays for my wife Susie every day. I wish she would pray for me; my knees are killing me!

The church construction in Mendoza is going well. They are about to install the roof. This church will seat about 250 people. It is in a fairly new, dangerous neighborhood and already has about 60 regulars. Pastor Trevino is doing a great job and has a vision to expand beyond this area to where one of his original couples is from. Yes, we stay very busy, and it is possible through faithful servants of Christ like you. THANK YOU!

Can it get any easier? As Susie was getting her hair cut and colored, the cashier, Alejandro, wanted to practice his English. I “just happened” to have a tract in my pocket, so we used it to translate into English. I was checking his comprehension, you know. Ha! Ha! Twenty minutes later, he was a child of the King. Amazing how no customers came in, isn’t it?

Please pray for our health and safety.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson