Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  Another Hard Month, But God Showed Himself StrongIt’s been another trying month for us health-wise, but our God continues to show His mighty power. He has carried us through it all, and I’m positive that your prayers on our behalf made a difference. We’ve had several people tell us this month that they pray for us every day. We are truly humbled by your love, prayers, and support of the ministry here. Thank you for all you are doing. Two days in August, I lost my voice because of another infection, and I had surgery on my thumb. Before the surgery, the pain was such that when I put my hand in my pocket, it hurt. It will be two to three weeks before I know if the surgery was a complete success.

In August, we were used by the Lord to lead 4 to saving faith in Christ. Three were given assurance, we stood praying as 5 received Christ, and we gave out 10 Bibles. Many decisions were made during preaching. What a joy it will be to see our fruit in Heaven, praising our Saviour because we partnered together for His glory in reaching the world. No sacrifice is too big or too small.

In July, we asked you to pray about a work in Granaros. We have decided not to pursue that work. There is so much to do here, and we want to use ourselves and our resources effectively. The Lord has opened another door, and we ask that you pray for a new church we want to plant in Rosario del Frontera. A former graduate of the seminary has a Bible study going on in a house there. We went to one of the Bible studies in August, and the spirit of the people was amazing. There were 25 people crammed into the house. We are planning on returning several times in September to see what the Lord will do. This town has never had an independent Baptist church.

As we traveled 1½ hours to Rosario, I noticed many smaller towns along the way. The sun was setting as we approached Rosario, and I thought about how many towns and people we passed to get there—people who live in darkness, people whom the Son has not set on yet. Thank you for the opportunities to try and reach them. Pray to this end; pray that the opportunities will continue. Pray for our health and safety.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson