Simeon Hudson Prayer Letter:  A Heart for the PeopleA Heart for the People

When we came to Argentina, it was because God said, “Go!” It is His will for our lives. Since arriving, we have come to care for the people. Recently we met Maria. The night before, her family had been praying about who would get to go to church on Sunday. The church they attended charged 10 pesos per person for a ride, and they didn’t have enough for the whole family to attend. We told her we would give them all a ride every week for free. Our heart goes out to God-fearing folks like this.

Our Bible study with our second convert and her family has stopped because the dad decided he didn’t want to fulfill his role as a biblical father. Susie had grown close to the mom, and she misses Karina. We know you have a heart for people because you send missionaries to the field. We can’t thank you enough for your prayers and financial support.

July was very busy, as we traveled many miles and visited many churches and individuals in hopes of gaining more students for the seminary. I was even allowed to preach at a youth meeting on a Saturday night at one of the churches. Your prayers were answered, as we didn’t encounter any transportation problems. We now have 7 new students! To God be the glory! During the month we were used by Him for His glory. We saw 8 receive Christ as their personal Saviour. We gave 2 the assurance of their salvation. We stood silently and prayed as 4 received the Lord, and we gave 4 Bibles to those who didn’t have the most important Book in all of creation.

Please pray for our Spanish studies. We are trying to gain an extra three-hour class at the university. This will cut into our soul-winning time, but the sooner we can minister without interpreters, the sooner we can accomplish more for His glory. Please pray for Susie. The weather has been so dry for so long that her sinuses are severely inflamed. They are so bad that it is affecting her hearing. Please pray for a church plant we are trying to start in La Banda del Rio Sali. Hopefully, we will start this church in September. We have a core group of believers and a graduate of the seminary who is willing to pastor these sheep.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson