thumbnail of Simeon Hudson July 2021 Prayer LetterTruly the Lord has been good to us as we go through the second wave of the virus here in Argentina. The restrictions are constantly changing, making the ministry tough at times; but, praise the Lord, He never changes. His grace is always sufficient. Thank you for your constant prayers and support.

The dry season has arrived here in Tucuman. This usually causes Susie to have many sinus problems because of all the dust in the air. Praise the Lord, we have a good doctor who knows how to treat Susie, as Susie is very sensitive to strong medicines. His provisions are always sufficient.

One thing I miss from North Carolina is the changing of the leaves in the fall. We just left the fall season here, and only two trees change colors. This year they changed slowly because the cold was slow in arriving, so we actually had a little red color also. His blessings are always sufficient.

In personal soul winning this month, it started off slowly as far as folks receiving Christ as Saviour. I am so thankful that He is always in control. He always gives more grace. As Alberto and I walked the streets in Santa Lucia one Friday, He was blessing mightily, and folks were getting saved. One lady even stopped on her motorcycle and asked us to please pray for her and her daughter. She said she saw us in the streets with our Bibles and knew we could help her. As we prayed, we prayed that our Lord would open her heart to receive Him. After sharing the Gospel with her, she and her daughter rode off as believers in the one true God, the Lord Christ Jesus!

The work in Monteros is going well. The new work in Cruz Alta is also doing well, as we are having a weekly meeting in one of the houses and averaging about 12 in each meeting.

Pray for our health and safety. My back has been very annoying lately.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson