thumbnail of Simeon Hudson June 2021 Prayer LetterWe always want you to know how thankful we are for your love and for your support of the work we are doing here in Argentina. We closed our Facebook and WhatsApp accounts back in March. We do have Telegram and Signal if you want to contact us. You can also contact us by this email or by phone at 910-835-0052. Sadly, our country is still closed to international visitors. Snail-mail service has stopped, so please send any cards to our home church’s address. Thank you so much for allowing us to represent you here. We do our best!

Never be amazed at what our Lord can do with any situation. We went to Mendoza (12 hours by car) to preach an evangelistic conference. During this time, we also went to another town an hour away to help a Mexican missionary start a new work in a couple’s house. The area is very dangerous and poor. It was a great first service, with 19 present. I was asked by the pastor to take Oscar (76 years old) outside and talk to him about Christ. Oscar couldn’t hear well, so I was basically yelling. After 20 minutes, Oscar said he wanted to receive Christ. Praise the Lord, right?! Because I was talking so loudly, a group of about 10 was standing around wondering what was going on. I immediately stood up and preached the Romans Road to them in 10 minutes. I asked each one their name, and 7 received Christ. Praise the Lord, right?!

Salvations happen like this because of your faithfulness to missions. This is FRUIT to YOUR account. This is you going to look for that one lost sheep. This is you bringing glory to our Father in Heaven and magnifying the name of our Lord Jesus. Thank you for allowing us to represent you here.

Thank you for your prayers. They really make the difference. Please pray for our health and safety. As I write this letter, we are leaving another 10-day total lockdown. Pray that we will use the time we have wisely for His glory.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson