Simeon and Susie Hudson Prayer Letter: Doing MoreWe are so thankful because of your faithful support and prayers. Here in Argentina, we are following His will, which is the best job in all the world! You help us do that, and we do our best to fulfill our part of the ministry we have together.

On the 24th of July, we were soul winning in one of the most dangerous parts of the city. There were 16 of us, and we didn’t move to the next street until all 16 were together again at the corner. It was at the last corner that my soul-winning partner and I met 2 teenage girls, about 18 or so. They were sitting outside in their fenced-in yard. After seeing from the Bible that their good works would not get them into Heaven, they very attentively listened and read what the Word of God had to say. Both made professions of faith. They were sitting in their yard on a beautiful, sunny day in a dangerous neighborhood, but one day they will walk the streets of gold without fear and with their Lord as the light (Revelation 21:23)!! They were 2 of the 29 the Lord gloriously saved in personal soul winning this month. To God be the glory!

Looking back over the month, I noticed 3 were saved on the first day of the month, and 4 were saved on the last day of the month. I thought, the first day for 3 on the first of the month as a child of the King. What if the 31st was the last day before the Rapture? Four more would have gone with us, but what more could I have done to make an eternal difference between the 1st and 31st?

My back is a little better. Thank you for praying. I’m still waiting for the finger surgery. The dry season is upon us, and Susie usually has problems during this time. As she finished the drops for an eye infection, she came down with severe pain in the sinus cavities, which spread to her lower jaw. We are praying the three medicines she is taking will clear this up. Pray for our health and safety.

In Christ,

Simeon and Susie Hudson