Shari House Prayer Letter: Bible English CampThis was our second year to have Bible English Camp. What an amazing week with over 70 campers! This year the Lord provided us with beautiful campground facilities to use. The campers ranged in age from 5-19 and enjoyed days filled with Bible teaching, English learning, games, crafts, and good food. It was a blessing to have Ajan Satisuk, a Thai pastor and good friend to our ministry, preach to the campers. We also held evening services for our church folks to attend, and our people loved it. I was especially thankful for Darrell and Joanie Bolton and Amie Richards, who joined us at the camp to help, as we were short staffed due to furloughs and illness amongst our own team. On the final evening, we invited all the parents to a special presentation program and awards ceremony. At the end, Ajan Satisuk interwove his personal testimony with an amazing message on the Gospel. Please pray that those who heard it and are yet unsaved would get saved and that those who are already saved would catch a vision for what God can do through their lives too.

Dad and Mom’s Visit

I’ve never been bitter about not being able to see my family more often than I do. After all, I am the one who chose to live on the other side of the world to follow God’s will for my life. But I have been sad many times that the distance is so great that we must go years between seeing each other. What an unbelievable blessing it was to have my parents visit for the month of November. I loved introducing them to our church members, having them take part in my different ministries, and showing them around our beautiful country. My favorite part, though, was just doing the normal, everyday things together: chatting face to face, going shopping, playing games, cooking in the kitchen with my mom, and watching football with my dad. We even got to celebrate Thanksgiving together. Those are the times I treasure the most and the times that will carry me through until the next time we can be together again.

Christmas Sunday

What a great day the Lord blessed us with as we celebrated Christmas with our church family. Most all of my Sunday school ladies were able to get off work, which was just lovely. With 310 in attendance, the auditorium overflowed, and chairs and speakers had to be set up outside. Bro. Scott and I had 91 kids in the Junior Church—Whew! The children’s choir did a great job singing a song about Jesus’ birth in the main service, and afterwards we all ate a delicious meal together. Everyone received the gift of a towel set. It truly was a special time. Many members use this special day to invite friends and family. Myanmint is from Burma and has been a faithful Christian for many years. Over the years, his wife has been witnessed to by several of us but refuses to accept Christ. She has come a couple times this year, and we have seen her soften towards the Gospel. This picture from Christmas Day, with her holding a Burmese Bible, thrilled my heart and gave me even more hope that maybe this will be the year she accepts Christ. Please pray for her salvation.
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

Shari House