Sergio Robles Prayer Letter: New Ministries StartedWe are almost done with the winter here in Central Mexico and can’t wait for the spring and summer! Because of the cold temperatures this winter, many church families have been absent from church due to the sickness of their children or being sick themselves. Our own family has been a victim of viruses, causing each family member to get colds and fevers, and some of our children came down with the beginning stages of bronchitis. My wife has been struggling since last year with severe pain in her back, causing pain in her arms and neck. I took her to the emergency room at the beginning of February, and we discovered she has herniated disks. She has been treated with medicine and physical therapy; and, thank God, she feels much better. We appreciate your prayers, especially because of the many sicknesses we have faced lately. God has been gracious to heal us rather quickly. Please continue to pray for our health.

This year we have started new ministries in our church. Being burdened with the lack of seeing converts staying in our church, I decided to start two new days of visitation to follow up on our new converts. We are now visiting every day of the week but Wednesday. Thursday through Sunday we go door-to-door soul winning, and now on Monday and Tuesday, we follow up with some of the new converts. We surely need more of our people to help us follow up.

Since I started visiting on Mondays, we have seen three new families that I personally led to the Lord coming to church faithfully. One of the families enrolled their children in our Christian school. Another family just recently suffered the loss of their father. The new widow, Sister Maria, has been faithful to our church despite of the difficult situation of raising two children on her own now. We have helped her financially and have prayed for her. She is also taking our discipleship lessons on Mondays.

My wife has done an excellent job in our music program. She continues to play the piano and organ and teaches some of the young people to play as well. She started a new Teen Choir, and they are a blessing every time they sing. Every teenager is required to attend church faithfully and to go soul winning once a week on any of our visiting days. She has a total of 16 teenagers, and more want to be added. I am, in title, the overseer of our Music Ministry, but my wife helps me a great deal with it. There are over 100 singers who are all required to have a good testimony, go soul winning once a week, and tithe on their income.

We covet your prayers, as I will organize our annual Marriage Conference during the Spring Break. Even though we call it our Marriage Conference, we focus on the whole family. For three days we host some families from other churches and also prepare a romantic dinner for 200 couples. We always pray that God will use this conference to strengthen our marriages and families. Please pray for God’s power as the speakers preach and teach many sessions. Also pray for traveling mercies for the five speakers coming to our church and for God to use us in general.

After our conference we will go on a mini-missions trip to South Mexico. For the first time, I will visit the states of Veracruz and Chiapas. My wife and I will help in two Family Conferences in these two states of South Mexico. We will drive six hours on Monday and then preach and teach all day Tuesday. Then on Wednesday we will drive another six hours to Chiapas to preach and teach in another church. Finally, we will drive twelve hours to come home on Saturday. It will be a very busy week, but I believe it will be worth it, as we will influence families to love God, love their spouses, and love to preach the Gospel to every creature.

Thank you so much for the birthday cards and emails you sent to our son Joseph, who turned eight, and to our daughter Kyla, who turned twelve. They are enjoying themselves. We thank you so much for your prayers and also for your faithful support of our family and ministry. May God continue blessing you.

For the kingdom of God,

Bro. Sergio Robles