Sergio Robles Prayer Letter:  Land for New Church DonatedHappy New Year 2015! May this be the year that we hear the words, “Come hither!” Then we will be with Him for all eternity. Meanwhile, may we be occupied in His harvest. I want to deeply thank all of you who support our ministry financially. Thank you for giving extra money for Christmas these past months of November and December. Thank you so much for making our children’s Christmas more special.

While December is a special month and one of the months with more opportunities to speak about Jesus, I was able to witness to a man and his daughter in Mexico. I took a trip by myself to visit the ministries we have started in Apaseo el Grande and Celaya, Guanajuato, and also to preach at the church I have been working with, Iglesia Bautista Fundamental de Celaya, pastored by Bro. Alejandro Cordova.

While in Mexico I was able to share the Gospel with a man who was a devout Catholic and had refused many times to be witnessed to. A lady in Chicago asked me to go visit him, and she warned me about how mean her father was to anyone who shared the Gospel with him. We prayed, and the Lord answered our prayers, as her father was willing to hear a clear presentation of the Gospel. He promised to go to church the next Sunday.

The lady who asked me to witness to her father was very happy and excited. She gave me the title of a property of land in Mexico where we plan to start another church. I was amazed when this happened, and I just wanted to share this blessing with all of you to praise God and magnify His precious name.

Having mentioned the provision of a new property, our plans and goals for the year 2015 are even more exciting. In the month of February, I will go to Mexico again to do all the paperwork to have this property put in our name and to make preparations for a new ministry to be started in the community where the property is located.

I will also fly with Pastor Alejandro Cordova to preach a soul-winning conference in the country of Nicaragua. Please pray that God will use us to influence the other preachers and soul winners to be more serious about preaching the Gospel to every creature.

The past months of November and December were extremely busy. We just got back from the Northeast. We drove for twelve hours, and despite a snowstorm, we arrived home safely. Please continue praying for God’s protection as we travel. What a great joy it has been to visit some of you who have supported our ministry these past years. In the next months of our furlough, we will visit some other supporting churches and also a few new churches.

Our furlough is until June of this year, but I will be flying into Mexico in February, April, and possibly May to oversee the ministry. My wife and children enjoyed spending time during the holidays with my in-laws. They have missed Christmas in the United States. It has been four years since we were able to spend the holidays with them. It was refreshing and a great blessing. The only inconvenience was the weather. It was 65 degrees on Christmas Day. My wife said, “We should have spent Christmas in Mexico, because the weather there was actually colder than the Northeast!”

My wife and children send their love and their gratitude to all of you who effectually pray for us. Thank you once again for your prayers and support. There is no greater encouragement than to know that you pray for us.

For the kingdom of God,

Sergio Robles