Sergio Robles Prayer Letter:  God's Hand of ProtectionDuring the holidays, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. What better things to have to live by this coming year than the sufficient grace and peace from God. May His wonderful peace and grace be sufficient and abundant during these special days of Christmas and the New Year 2016.

Meditating on God’s hand of protection and provision, we are so thankful for your prayers and support and for going to the throne of grace on our behalf. One of the worst memories we have in 2015, where we experienced the protection of God, was in the month of July when we crossed into Mexico by land. We were stopped by a drug cartel and forced to give them money that we did not have or I was supposed to be killed. After minutes of negotiating, I was praying for God to protect me and especially my family, who were traveling with me. When the men of the organized crime understood that we were in Mexico to preach the Gospel and we proved this to be true, they had more mercy on us and let us go without harm. These are the moments when we truly desire that people would pray for us. For this I deeply want to thank you for being our prayer warriors.

Let me introduce you to the Campos Bello family. I led all the family to the Lord last August. They can truly testify of the promise, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.” Their testimony is so powerful, and I am honored to share a little of it with you.

While they were in midst of marital problems, the wife came to my married couples’ class, asking prayer for a bad husband. She said that her husband had just kicked their rebellious daughter out of their house because she ran out with a guy. Doesn’t that sound like complete chaos? I promised to pray for the husband and to visit him.

The following Sunday he unexpectedly showed up at the church while I was teaching the married couples’ Sunday school class. After the class, with tears in his eyes, he came to me and asked me for help. He received all the helped he needed because he received Jesus as his Saviour. He got baptized immediately, and the following week I went to their house to help them with counseling.

They were still so sad because they had not seen their daughter since she’d been kicked out. I asked a lady who knew the family to ask the daughter to come to her parents’ house so I could talk to her. (The daughter had been living across the street with her boyfriend at his parents’ house.) When the mom and dad went to see their daughter, I thought for sure that they would fight with the neighbors. I could hear strife and the exchanging of bad words with the other parents. I asked my wife to pray while we waited in the house. While praying, I heard someone come into the house. When I finished praying, standing right in front of me were the daughter and her boyfriend, along with her mom and dad. The daughter and her boyfriend agreed to talk to me, and I led them both to CHRIST. They were baptized the following Sunday. They have been faithful to church since then.

I have been teaching this family the disciple lessons of spiritual growth. Bro. Alejandro enrolled his daughter in our Christian school and also in the teen choir, which my wife oversees. Despite many obstacles, obstacles like having a fire in their home and the financial issues with paying for the daughter to attend the Christian school, this family has stayed faithful. God has given them the grace to continue. Please pray for God to finish the good work He began in them.

My wife and children send their love and gratitude, especially for all the kind notes, cards, and special gifts for Christmas. May God continue blessing you and using you as we labor together to preach the Gospel to every creature.

For the kingdom of God,

Bro. Sergio Robles